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1st Hole

A drive down the center of this par 4, 374 yard hole sets you up for the second shot across the scenic Stony Brook to a green that slopes from back to front. A tee shot to the right will leave you blocked behind a tall maple that serves as a sentry on the right side of the fairway by the brook.

2nd Hole

The tee box of this par 4, 381 yard hole requires a long drive up hill to the center of the fairway. The sloping green follows the contour of the hill that flows down to the front left. If you come up short on your approach shot you will land in one of the two bunkers set below the grade of the green requiring a high, soft shot to land close to the pin.

3rd Hole

This par 3, 166 yard requires a shot over a large bunker that wraps around the front and left side of the green. The green slopes gently towards the valley.

4th Hole

From the tee box of this par 5, 476 yard you do not see the pond that sits at the bottom of a long down hill fairway. A strong drive to the right center will put you in a position to go for the green in two or an errant shot may require you to lay up to clear the trees lining the fairway on the right side. Remember what goes down must come up again — you need to fire a long shot to a green that slopes from left to right if you want to get that birdie.

5th Hole

The men’s number one handicap hole is a par 4, 432 yard challenge. A straight tee shot avoiding the long bunker that runs along the left side of the fairway is a must. Go for the pin with your approach shot as this is one of the flatter greens on the course, but beware that a thin shot can race off the back into the mounds behind the green. A short approach shot could land you in the right bunker that protects the green.

6th Hole

This par 4 is the women’s number one hole at 385 yards and 396 yards for the men. From the tee you see a hard dogleg left that is shielded by a large stand of tall trees. Cutting the corner has its risks and rewards. Come up short and you land in the woods with no option to reach the green in two. Make the high shot over the trees into the fairway and you have a short shot into the green guarded by left and right bunkers.

7th Hole

The tee of this par 5, 495 yard hole sits back in the woods with a tree lined fairway where the Stony Brook runs along the left side for the entire length of the hole. A long drive could set you up for a long shot at the green and a good birdie opportunity.

8th Hole

The tee of this par 4, 400 yard hole rises above the Stony Brook with a fairway guarded by a tall oak that grabs your ball if you hit too far to the left. Your second shot to an elevated green that slopes to the left front requires a high shot that does not run past the hole. A shot that races by the hole leaves a treacherous down hill putt that can have you chipping back onto the green.

9th Hole

This par 3, 132 yard has a green that slopes to the front right and it is almost fully surrounded by bunkers. Hit it long and you must thread your next shot back through the trees that line the back of this hole.

10th Hole

This par 4, 389 yard requires a shot that stays well within the fairway. Too far to the left side and one of two tall ashes will block your shot to the green and you risk landing in the Stony Brook. This green seems fairly tame, but pay attention to the ridge that runs through the middle of the green if you want to make that par.

11th Hole

This par 4, 404 yard hole is up hill to a fairway flanked by trees on both sides. Keep it in the middle and you have a chance at hitting the green in two. The green slopes from back to front with bunkers on either side.

12th Hole

This short par 4, 356 yard requires a straight shot to the right center of the fairway to make sure you have a clear shot to the green. A wayward ball can find the bunkers on the right side or the stand of white pines on the left. The green is sloped from back right to left with some large breaks. Bunkers on the left front and right side wait if you do not find the green.

13th Hole

Our signature hole, this par 3, 148 yard tee box requires a carry over the pond guarding the front. Bunkers on the left, back and right keep you focused on a straight, downhill shot to a green that rises from bottom to top.

14th Hole

This par 4, 352 yard dogleg left is rated as the men’s number two handicap hole. You need a drive to the right center fairway up a steep hill. A line of trees on both sides of the fairway put a premium on finding the fairway. This green slopes dramatically from top to bottom. An approach shot over the green usually guarantees a bogey.

15th Hole

This par 4, 414 yard starts with an elevated tee overlooking a slight dogleg left fairway. Your tee shot is best placed in the center to avoid both the tall ash on the left side of the fairway and the large bunker on the right. You can land your second shot near the hole as this green is fairly flat, but watch the ridge line that cuts diagonally across the middle portion of the green when you are putting.

16th Hole

This is the first of three exciting finishing holes. This par 5, 491 yard offers an excellent opportunity for birdie as well as double-bogey for the careless. Stray too far right or left and the trees block you from a clear second shot. Fairway bunkers on the right wait to catch the errant ball or if you go for it in two, watch out for the bunkers that line the left side of the green. The green is two-tiered and follows the contour of the hill that it sits upon. You want to make sure that your ball comes to rest on the proper tier or risk a three-putt.

17th Hole

A par 3, 209 yard that runs up hill to a green framed by tall pines. From the tee you can’t see the bunkers that sit on either side of the green, but a wayward shot can find them easy enough. The large green slopes left with subtle nuances throughout.

18th Hole

This is the hole where many a tournament has been won or lost over the years. It is the women’s number two handicap hole at 455 yards. This par 5 is 570 yards long for the men and the fairway drops down and rises up again before you reach the green. Keep your drive on the left center as the fairway slopes from left to right and your ball will run towards the pine trees on the right side. Your next shot is blind from the bottom of the hill. Aim towards the tall oak trees in the distance that frame the green and you will be positioned for your approach shot. Avoid the trees that line the right side of the fairway if you hope to reach the green in regulation. This green is protected by bunkers left and right. An approach to the front of the green may get caught in the false front. An aggressive approach could run over the back.

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